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Best Places to Find Business Card Design Inspiration

With the pandemic kicking in and our businesses running into the new normal instead of the normal we used to know, there is nothing usual with the businesses anymore. If working in 2020 has taught us anything is that if you want your firm to thrive, you must continually adapt and evolve. When exposing your burgeoning brand to prospective new clients or connections, business card designs provide individuality, trust, and professionalism.

So, if you have been using the same business card for a long time, it might be time to switch things up. We would advise that you take various things under consideration before you decide to opt for a certain business card design for your personal or professional use.

Consider the most recent time you met with a possible customer or business partner. Was it less time-consuming to enter phone numbers and emails into your phone? Or should you just hand out business cards? When done correctly, a business card not only helps you to create a personal connection when meeting someone for the first time, but it also makes your brand more remembered.

The Websites To Help You:

The listed below sites can help you achieve the required level of inspiration for your new business card design.

a. CardNerd:

CardNerd offers a massive collection, making it one of the web’s largest business card libraries and a must-have resource for business card designers. It also has a blog called “business card of the month,” which showcases the best and brightest in card design.

b. Cardview:

CardView not only features fantastic card design inspiration, but it also allows you to contact the designers via their searchable designer database. The collection features a star ranking system, which makes it simple to identify the most popular 5-star designs.

c. CardDsgn:

CardDsgn offers a lot to offer, from a sleek appearance to a simple tagged organizing structure. Get even more ideas from their business card design blog, then put your newfound creative energy to work by downloading one of their numerous print templates to get started.

d. CardGala:

CardGala is smaller in comparison to other business card galleries. However, it has some unique designs that you will not find anywhere else. The website has a broad range of business cards manufactured from non-paper materials including wood and metal. It also allows you to select the cards based on some unusual criteria like form and tone.

e. Card Observer:

One of CardObserver’s most intriguing features is that each business card design comes with Html code, allowing you to quickly post your favorites on your website or blog. CardObserver offers a lot to offer any designer, with a big database and numerous instructive articles on business card-related issues.

f. Nymbl:

Nymbl, a 3D design, and virtual reality firm, aimed to portray more approachable, fun images in their upcoming marketing campaigns. Big Fan, a UK-based firm, came up with a strong, two-tone business card design concept as part of their new identity to get the job done correctly. The cards are made on royal purple material with paper cut-outs.

g. Chomp:

Chomp, a London-based firm, developed business cards with a bite-size portion missing from one corner. This is a literal representation of the company’s name. The cardstock’s form echoes a feature in their emblem, which also has tooth marks.

h. Wendigo:

Although the name of this video production company comes from a creepy folk monster, the quality of their business card design is far from frightening. These unique cards, designed by The Distillery, center on highly detailed, embossed illustration: behind the contact information, a feather, a piece of wood, and a monstrous skull can be seen.

i. Aurora:

These Aurora business cards offer a stunning first impression with a floral picture of tropical blossoms and a clean sans-serif typeface. The South African company specializes in quirky artwork and design. So their business cards are a perfect reflection of their expertise. The gold embossed embellishments on the cards were developed in-house.

j. Garage Culture:

Non-traditional materials will help you make your business card stand out if you want it to. This bike garage business card, designed by Rodrigo Cuberas, is printed on cotton paper material and features a beautiful, minimalist design.

With so many card design styles available, it should be apparent why selecting the correct design style for the specific message is so essential. Consider which design will work best for your company. Do not be afraid to come up with something unique that extends on the concepts presented above. After all, the proper design decision might be what piques a prospective customer’s attention. We have compiled a list of the finest business card designs from agencies, designers, and businesses all across the world to serve as inspiration. These examples, which range from artistically complex to decisively plain, are sure to inspire your next business card redesign.

Think of this time as a new beginning. With our picks for the best Business Card Design for the next year. Whether you are starting a new business or redesigning one you have been working on for years. Business cards set the tone when introducing your brand to new individuals. It is time to offer the world your unique point of view straight from your pocket.

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